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  • G-Spot

    The G-spot vibrators are sex toys that are designed for female pleasure and ergonomically developed which highlights a final curvature specially designed to find and stimulate the main female erogenous zone, the G-spot. A little rough and fleshy area between the genital and urinary tract, behind the pubic bone, a few inches from the entrance to the vagina.
    Using G-spot vibrators to stimulate this small but potent source of pleasure, is a totally effective way of getting sexual arousal increase exponentially and provide very special feelings that will result in much more profound and intense orgasms.
    G-Spot vibrators have a very characteristic shape of the curve due to end, they are soft, adjustable speed, very practical and easy to use. They are recommended and enjoyed by millions of women to explore, enjoy and discover new ways to more intense and lasting pleasure, improve their orgasmic response.
    Enjoy them alone in your innermost or during your sex play with your partner now, and that whatever you're male or female, stimulate the G spot, it should be your mission. Regardless of how you enjoy, G spot vibrators, offer new sexual experiences that will impress you.

  • Clitoral Vibrators

    Clitoral vibrators, remain one of the essential sex toys for women when they want to get to enjoy the most authentic and genuine orgasm we know and it is through the stimulation of Point C.
    In this section of your erotic shop, you'll find a variety of these types of vibrators created for them with a multitude of designs, colors and sizes and functionalities. So you can find mini vibrating bullets, rubber ducks, dual vibrators, massagers, oral sex simulators, water resistant, durable. You can not say you do not find the one you want.
    Clitoral vibrators are toys that allow you to enjoy while you explore your body and discover new and exciting pleasures that can implement alone or with your partner becoming your sex play in a new experience every day.

  • Rabbit Vibrators

    These rabbit vibrators are sex vibrators for women involving the evolution of classic vibrators. Phallic-shaped highlights its elegant and powerful movements of vibration, rotation, spin, swing and hammer and the inclusion of elements such as the giratorias- general stimulation and specific stimulation pearls at once, and by design, clitoral , g-spot, vaginal and even anal. There are different sizes and colors, but all are very easy to handle with one hand, thanks to the remote control that comes built-in vibrators own.
    In this section of your shop sexshop confidence, you can find the famous rampant, also known as rabbit vibrators rabbit vibrators rotators, which became very popular in the series Sex and the City.
    We recommend that you use a lubricant like water ensures a perfect glide. Start slowly, exploring every inch of your upper lips and finding your erogenous zones. Subsequently raises the level of vibration and speed program, enjoying each of the forms of stimulation that come with rampant rabbits.

    It is shown that these female sex vibrators are engaging and here you can see that it is true because, as you've read, each erogenous zone will be stimulated specifically and differently at one time, have you ever imagined this.
    Browse through the different models, choose the one you like and indulge yourself in the excitement of their characteristic clitoral stimulators shaped tender animals (bunny, dolphin, butterfly ...), the pleasure of their rotating stimulator pearls, their softness touch of capabilities, speeds and movements with which to reach a complete and total ecstasy with full orgasms.
    Do not hesitate, enter now and discover the various rampant rabbits at the best price.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 1028 items